Flash Chilled Coffee

When you hear about coffee being cold, it can often have a negative reaction in people.  Then there is cold brew, which is treating coffee like it is tea at room temperature.  Then there's Switters!  Well...we want you to enjoy a nice iced coffee with all the flavors you love from a hot brew.  Brewing coffee hot allows you to extract more of the unique flavors & aromas the coffee has to offer.  All those tasting notes you hear about & taste are typically because they were extracted from a hot brew. 

We combine that hot brew method with the flash chill process creating a cup that includes all those flavors and aromas from a hot coffee into an iced coffee.  No, it is not like a cup of coffee you put in the fridge to cool off nor is it like steeping it in your fridge.  We chill the hot coffee very quickly to stop the brew process at the right time and lock in all those great flavors while giving you a smooth, flavorful drinking experience.  If you are familiar with the pour over process of Japanese Iced Coffee then this is very similar to that process.  Actually the Japanese Iced Coffee method is what sparked the idea of our Switters Brewery & unique brew process.  We preferred the Japanese Iced Coffee method to any other cold coffee brewing process.  It brought out more flavor, & a crisp & cleaner cup of coffee that we all enjoyed!  

We love coffee at Switters and enjoy it in many ways.  We just think flash chilled is the best.  So crack open a can and pour it over ice, drink it straight, or add your favorite mixers...no judgement!  Then most importantly remember to sip slow and enjoy the flash chilled coffee brought to you by Switters.