Latest Single Origin Coffee

We love some Single Origin light roast coffees here at Switters!  They are one of our favorite coffees to brew.  These coffees allow us to celebrate more flavors that come from the actual coffee bean itself rather than the roast.  What we mean by this is the darker the coffee is roasted, the more the roast impacts the flavor of your brewed cup of coffee.  The lighter the roast the more the flavors are derived more from the actual coffee bean itself. 

Our current Single Origin is from great roasting team over at Crema.  We've been big fans of their coffees for a long time.  This coffee is from the Los Vascos farms which are located Tolima, Colombia. The beans are fully washed and come from 100 contributing landholders.  The varietals plant are Catarra, Colombia, Castillo, and Bourbon.  Crema calls it one of the “most chuggable” coffees of all time.  We agree!  Here at Switters it is a favorite amount the staff, and when it is nice and chilled it goes down even quicker and smoother.  We get a sweetness up front and a lovely fruit finish.  The tasting notes from Crema are plum, brown sugar, and pear.  Give it a try and let us know what you taste?  Remember every one of our Single Origins are unique and different, so be sure to give them all a try!  If you like a pour over from a coffee shop…well this is our pour over in a can!