Count Jacula Iced Coffee Cocktail

Count Jacula Iced Coffee Cocktail

2 oz of Switters coffee
1 oz Vodka
Heavy cream
Handful of Cocoa Puffs


Put ice into glass 
Add vodka and coffee
Add heavy cream to the top and stir.
Top with Cocoa Puffs

Sometimes you need a bit of whimsical and childhood nostalgia. The Count Jacula cocktail is  a delightful concoction that's equal parts playful and indulgent. Picture yourself lounging in your favorite pajamas, surrounded by memories of Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereals. This drink transports you back to a time of innocence and wonder with a boozy boost. Every sip is a sweet reminder of simpler days!

Made with Switters Iced Coffee, vodka, creamy heavy cream, and topped with crunchy cocoa puffs, the Count Jacula is like a grown-up version of your favorite childhood treat. It's a quirky blend of comfort and sophistication, guaranteed to put a smile on your face with every sip. So gather your friends, channel your inner kid, and raise a glass to the magic of nostalgia – because with the Count Jacula, every moment is a trip down memory lane. Cheers to good times, both past and present!

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