What is an Iced Coffee Microbrewery?

You've probably been to a brewery before right?  If you came here to Switters HQ in Nashville, then you'd recognize a lot of the same equipment & setup.  We just start with a different plant, COFFEE!   

Our brewery was founded on a love of iced coffee!  Literally....we are talking about drinking our iced coffee in the middle of a New York winter while on our walk to work :)

We are not your typical coffee shop, because we solely focus on 1 thing.....creating great iced coffee!  We opened our doors in April 2014 and every year we are consistently upgrading and integrating new methods & equipment to help us bring you a unique & incredible product.  We are pushing the envelope of what iced coffee is and can be!  Also, side note, when we started this microbrewery, we were one of the 1st in the US and certainly the 1st in Nashville to have a dedicated space focusing solely on iced coffee.  A lot of love, sweat, & tears (both good and bad) have gone into creating Switters Microbrewery, but it was 100% worth every bit of it! 

So when that Switters can is in your hands remember it was tested, tasted, and created out of a whole lotta love to ensure you have a great tasting product that makes your day and life a little bit easier.   

That's what Switters is all about, creating great iced coffee, bringing people together, and making life (especially mornings) easier and tastier while never compromising quality and flavor!  And sometime in the future, we hope to create a space for you to come and see for yourself what a coffee microbrewery tour is all about & share your coffee journeys with us :).