What is Flash Chilled?

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There are so many types of Chilled Coffees to enjoy.

Flash Chilled

We want you to enjoy a nice iced coffee with all the flavors you love from a hot brew but as a cold drink. Think of all those dreamy-tasting notes and aromas from a hot coffee...fruity, floral, rich, nutty, savory....the options are endless!

Brewing coffee hot allows you to extract more of those unique flavors & aromas that the actual coffee bean has to offer. So we combine that hot brew method with a flash chill process creating a cup that includes all those flavors and aromas from a hot coffee into an iced coffee. No, it is not like a cup of coffee you brew hot and put in the fridge to cool off. 

We actually chill the hot coffee very quickly to stop the brewing process at the right time and lock in all those great flavors while giving you a smooth, flavorful drinking experience. If you are familiar with the pour-over or Aeropress process of Japanese Iced Coffee then this is very similar. Actually, the Japanese Iced Coffee method is what sparked the idea of our Switters Brewery & unique brew process!

Cold Brew

This method involves steeping ground coffee in cold or room temperature water for 18-24 hrs (a long time to wait for that liquid gold) Then you need to filter the grinds and thus give you cold brewed coffee.  There are some great cold brews out there, but you're only able to extract a certain amount of flavors from the beans when steeped at room temp water.  To us this results in a more 1-dimensional cup of coffee, often pulling more chocolate notes and never being able to fully get all those incredible flavors coffee has to offer. 

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