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Looking to elevate your workplace coffee game and keep your team fueled and refreshed?

Switters Iced Coffee has just what you need. Imagine the delight on your employees' faces as they enjoy delicious, locally brewed iced coffee right in the office. With options like iced coffee on tap via kegerator, convenient 12oz cans for grab-and-go refreshment, or self-serve 50oz pouches for hassle-free pouring, we've got something for every office setup.

Say goodbye to bland breakroom coffee and hello to a workplace perk that will boost morale and productivity. Ready to elevate your office coffee experience? Reach out for a quote and explore our service options today!

Nitro or Still on tap


If you currently have a kegerator or space available for one, our kegerator equipment rental service is an option. You just need to acquire your nitrogen gas, and we manage the rest. Keg deliveries can be scheduled based on your preference. Your staff will love having fresh, high-quality iced coffee on tap.

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one can, two ways to enjoy

12 oz Cans

Do you have a refrigerator for stocking ready-to-drink iced coffee cans? Our 12oz cans are perfect for office spaces requiring minimal coffee volume for employees or guests. Our printed cans are fully recyclable and a convenient option if you prefer not to bother with disposable cups or glassware.

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50 oz Pouches

Are you dealing with restricted refrigerator storage? Opt for our space-saving 50oz pouches. Featuring a handy spigot for effortless self-service, coffee remains untainted as employees sip leisurely. Tailored for mid-sized offices without the need for large kegs or cans.

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Located outside of Nashville?

To make wholesale ordering streamlined, we use Faire, a free, online marketplace.

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