We brew high-quality coffee which is inextricably impacted by the quality of the environment it is grown in. We are passionate about iced coffee from; the plant to the farmer, to production, to the consumer. We fully understand that sustainability is a lifestyle and continually audit our business in search of greener choices. Our goal is to offset the ecological impact of our business and also make our planet healthier for generations to come. We enjoy the coffee that we have and so we concentrate our efforts to ensure future generations can enjoy the same. 

Get Food Smart TN


We are also a part of the Tennessee Get Food Smart Program to do our part to help reduce food waste in TN. Get Food Smart is the state of Tennessee’s primary food waste reduction, recovery, and diversion program. 

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Compost Nashville


We partner with Compost Nashville to compost all of our spent grinds and other workplace-related compostable items. Compost Nashville turns waste into soil, and offers the finished compost back to the local farming community. We support their initiative to reduce landfill waste. Excessive waste rotting in a landfill produces methane gas. Methane gas is a component of the depletion of our ozone layer and therefore global warming.

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In August of 2022, we linked up with Greenspark so that every online sale would spark meaningful environmental action. Greenspark is a conduit of environmental change in a variety of pathways. As a company, we have chosen to impact our planet in the reduction of ocean plastic and reforestation.

Simply by shopping online, a single product purchase rescues 5 plastic bottles from the ocean, and every monthly subscription results in 1 planted tree.

Eden Reforestation Projects


Eden Reforestation Project is endorsed on the United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership Platform. They are successfully combating deforestation by employing local communities to plant trees. Communities in countries such as Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Many of these countries are places we source our coffee beans.  Eden Reforestation Project engages and empowers these local communities to also alleviate extreme poverty.

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Reforestation in Rural India


This project aims to empower and provide farmers in rural India with resources to transform wasteland into fertile forestland. They have specifically and intentionally chosen the Eucalyptus tree due to its ability to withstand drought, quick growth, and coppicing qualities. Not only are these Eucalyptus trees cutting back carbon they’re also providing new economic opportunities for these small-scale farmers.

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Plastic Bank


When you think of iced coffee the drink that comes to mind is likely served in plastic drinkware. Switters is not only innovating the ways you can consume iced coffee, like offering aluminum cans, pouches & kegs. We’re taking our efforts a step further by removing plastic from our oceans with each of your online purchases.

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