Switters is a new way to iced coffee so chances are, you have a few questions about

What is flash chilled?

Without giving away too many secrets, we rapidly cool the freshly brewed coffee in a matter of seconds. This step is critical so that the coffee's flavor is preserved at the height of its extraction and the "cooking" process is stopped. Out of all the methods to cool the coffee, our process retains the most flavor without dilution.

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Is this the same as cold brew?

Our coffee at Switters is brewed hot, so it is not Cold Brew. We choose to brew hot so that we can extract the most flavor from the coffee! We wanted the control and taste of a pour-over coffee but served chilled! The resulting iced coffee tastes very different from the cold brew you might be used to.

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Are these iced coffees sweetened?

Nope! None. We wanted YOU the consumer to decide what additional ingredients to add! All of our coffee, including the seasonal flavors, contains only 2 ingredients: Coffee and Filtered Water.

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Does your coffee contain dairy or dairy alternatives?

No dairy or dairy alternatives here! Add what you like, or enjoy as is! All of our coffee, including the seasonal flavors, are vegan and contain only 2 ingredients: Coffee and Filtered Water.

Try our Single Origin: A black coffee that is well balanced on its own

Are your coffees Nitro?

It depends...

  • 12oz cans- Every 12oz can regardless of roast or flavor contains nitrogen. Here's the fun part, YOU decide if you want your coffee served Nitro. To activate the nitrogen within the can, give it a shake, crack it open then enjoy out of the can, or give it a heavy pour. The agitation causes the foamy bubbles the emerge, which creates a creamy texture. If you don't like the texture, sip slow and enjoy!
  • 50oz Pouches- NO. The packaging is not ideal for pressurized nitrogen so all of our iced coffee pouches are still.
One Coffee, Two ways to enjoy: Shop our Nitro cans.

What coffee do you use?

We only use high-quality coffee that is sourced with intentionality and care.

Each of our iced coffees tastes differently from the others because we source a variety of coffee beans. You can read more about the specific source of the beans for your iced coffee on each of the product pages.

We also have amazing local partnerships with Nashville Roasters such as Bongo Java, Crema, and 8th & Roast as well as roast our own at the brewery.

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How do I get my coffee delivered for FREE?

If you input a Nashville address at the checkout your Iced coffee will be delivered to that Nashville address free of charge.

ORDERS OVER $50 will automatically qualify for free shipping
& delivery.

Coffee Club subscribers should input LOCAL SAVE for free nashville deliveries or build a subscription $50+

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What's the Estimated Shipping Time?


Orders are packaged and sent out for delivery M-F. You can expect your coffee to arrive in 3-4 business days.


Orders are packaged and sent out for delivery M-W. We do not ship coffee over the weekend. You can expect your coffee to arrive in 3-5 business days.

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