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Collection: Nitro Cans

Say hello to our ready-to-drink 12oz cans, the epitome of small-batch, specialty coffee bliss! Bursting with flavor and ready to dazzle, each can is like a mini treasure of coffee goodness. One can, two ways to enjoy! Enjoy the freedom and versatility to choose between shaking things up, literally, for a nitro infusion for those moments when you're feeling fancy, delivering a smooth-as-silk texture that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance. OR, Crack open a can and dive into the pure delight of our classic iced coffee, perfect for those laid-back, chill vibes. Boasting a caffeine kick of 250mg per can, these babies are your go-to sidekick for powering through those busy days or spontaneous adventures. So, whether you're brunching with friends or conquering the daily grind, Switters has got your back with our pour-over quality brews in a can!