Oaxacan Full Moon Iced coffee cocktail

Oaxacan Full Moon Iced coffee cocktail


1 can of Switters coffee

1.5 oz Nocino walnut liqueur .

5 oz Ancho Reyes liqueur

2 dashes of mole bitters 


Put all ingredients except coffee in a glass over ice. 

Fill Collins glass with Switters leaving about an inch at the top 

Top with an imperial stout. 

Introducing the Oaxacan Full Moon cocktail, where every sip is a cosmic journey through flavor and intrigue. Picture yourself under the shimmering glow of a full moon, surrounded by the vibrant celestial energy. This concoction marries the bold richness of Switters Iced Coffee with the warm embrace of Nocino walnut liqueur and the spicy kick of Ancho Reyes liqueur. It's giving moonbeams and midnight sky.

With a dash of mole bitters to add earthy depth and complexity, this libation is a celebration of the mystique and magic of Oaxacan nights. Top it all off with a splash of your favorite imperial stout. Feeling like being transported to a realm where adventure awaits?  Sip slow, and enjoy this journey through the galaxies. Embrace the cosmic wonder of the Oaxacan Full Moon!

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