Swoon Worthy Iced Coffee Recipe

Swoon Worthy Iced Coffee Recipe

Love is in the air and nothing says "HEY! YOU'RE SPECIAL" like a fun and flirty iced coffee. This is THE DRINK to make for impressing that special someone or for going all out in treating yourself. Because all of our iced coffees are two ingredients: coffee + water, they're the perfect base for any iced coffee recipe.

Neapolitan Switters is decadent, fruity, and so smooth, you have to try it out! Tag us on socials with your drinks @switterscoffee 

Just like its namesake, The Neapolitan Switters is all about the layers, so let's get into it:

1st layer, Sweetened condensed milk. To make a vegan or dairy free version use coconut cream or make your own sweetened condensed milk by lightly boiling equal parts plant-based milk of your choice and sugar.  When you have your sweetened condensed milk, you're going to pour enough to cover the bottom of the glass. This is the "vanilla" scoop
2nd layer, Switters of your choice- we recommend a medium-dark roast for an added chocolatey taste. If you really want to indulge drizzle in a layer of chocolate sauce.
3rd layer, Raspberry frothed milk. Simply combine the cream of your choice, we used Hatcher Dairy Farms full fat cream and Monin Raspberry syrup. Froth these ingredients by shaking, blending or using a frother. 
Garnish with sprinkles, edible glitter, crushed freeze dried fruit, you do you!

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CHEERS! Sip slow & enjoy!

( psst.. Friend to friend, don't forget you can also make a boozy version of this drink! Please drink responsibly )

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