From Grounds to Green: Switters Iced Coffee & Compost Nashville Rockin’ the Eco Game 🌳☕️

From Grounds to Green: Switters Iced Coffee & Compost Nashville Rockin’ the Eco Game 🌳☕️

At Switters, we're passionate about more than just crafting the perfect iced coffee. We're committed to making a positive impact on our planet, and our partnership with Compost Nashville exemplifies this dedication. Our collaboration is more than just a business relationship; it's a joint effort to promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices in every cup we brew.

Sustainability at Its Finest

Our coffee-making process is designed with sustainability in mind. From sourcing high-quality specialty beans to our innovative flash brewing method, we ensure that every step minimizes our environmental footprint. By partnering with Compost Nashville, we take our commitment a step further by diverting nutrient-rich spent coffee grounds from landfills to local gardens. This not only enriches the soil but also reduces methane emissions, contributing to a healthier planet!


Eco-Friendly Practices in Action

Every year we receive data showing how our partnership with Compost Nashville diverts spent coffee from landfills. We recently hosted Catarina from Nashville Compost for a tour of our brewery and sat down to be interviewed for an article on their website. According to a recent article by Compost Nashville, Switters has successfully diverted over 22,296 pounds of coffee grounds from landfills, preventing 57,970 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Additionally, we've rescued 2,565 plastic bottles from our oceans and planted 703 trees through our various sustainability initiatives. These efforts are a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly practices and our love for our beautiful green planet. You can read the article HERE.

Why It Matters

Choosing Switters means supporting a brand that values sustainability as much as you do! Each and every spent brew gets sent to Compost Nashville, every online order helps collect plastic from our oceans, and each delivery of an iced coffee subscription order results in the planting of a tree. By opting for Switters, you are directly contributing to a cleaner, greener planet!

Join us in our mission to brew not just the best iced coffee, but a better world. Subscribe to Switters Coffee Club today and be part of a community that values quality and sustainability.

Join the Switters Coffee Club Subscription

Ready to make a difference with your daily coffee routine? For those who care about the environment and love great coffee, joining our Switters Coffee Club subscription is a no-brainer. Enjoy the convenience of bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly deliveries of our delicious iced coffee, knowing that each purchase supports eco-friendly initiatives. 


Sign up for the Switters Coffee Club subscription and enjoy the convenience of regular deliveries, all while supporting eco-friendly practices. Click here to join the club and start sipping sustainably!

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