iHeartRadio: CEOs You Should Know- Sheri Young

iHeartRadio: CEOs You Should Know- Sheri Young

Picture this: back in 2011, Kyle and Sheri Young stumbled upon a little slice of iced coffee heaven during their travels in Southeast Asia. It was a moment that sparked something magical, an all-consuming love affair with iced coffee that set their souls ablaze. Fast forward through years of tinkering, roasting coffee in the cozy corners of their home, and relentless planning, and voilà! The dream took shape as Switters, the first-ever Iced Coffee Microbrewery, right here in Nashville, TN.

April 2014 was when the doors swung open, and from that moment on, we've been on an exhilarating ride, brewing our unique concoctions using our innovative flash chilled method.

Sheri is the powerhouse leading the charge, the maestro behind all the innovation, finding new and fantastic ways to make our flash chilled coffee an experience you just can't resist! 

In a world where coffee often feels like a boys' club, it's beyond empowering to see our community rallying behind us, championing more women-led ventures. At Switters, we're all about breaking norms, brewing greatness, and savoring each sip of our delicious creations. Here's to breaking barriers, one perfectly brewed cup at a time! 

Listen in to our exclusive chat with Sheri on iHeartRadio for a flavorful dose of insider insights, delicious revelations, and coffee tales that'll leave your taste buds tingling!

Don't miss out – tune in now for a coffee adventure!

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