Natte.. like a Latte but NAH!

Natte.. like a Latte but NAH!

Step into a world where every sip is a swirl of chocolatey enchantment, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee dances with the sweetness of vanilla. Meet Natte, Switters' latest creation inspired by the classic mocha latte but with a twist that's pure magic!

Coffee shop vibes 🤝 Microbrewery magic

Lattes are a coffee shop classic, a staple drink that is both easy and familiar to order again and again. But what if you packed up those tasty flavors in a convenient and ready-to-drink 12oz can? That's where Sheri started with dreaming up the Switters way to latte. We specialize in iced coffee and have spent years perfecting each of our brews, we proudly omit any weird ingredients so you can consume the best of the best and feel good about enjoying it! Natte is guilt-free indulgence in a can. Like all of our iced coffees, it contains no dairy, no added sugar, and no artificial flavors—just pure coffee goodness. So whether you're a purist at heart or on a quest for a fun & tasty summer sip, Natte has you covered.

How does Natte taste like a latte if there is no milk?????

In a coffee shop latte, the drink is mostly dairy with a couple shots of espresso and a few pumps of flavored syrup. Which works out great because the dairy helps balance out the bold flavor of the espresso shots. Our iced coffees are flash chilled, so it's not an espresso based drink and most closely resembles japanese iced coffee. A latte has a creamy, sweet and cocoa-coffee taste and we've found a way to get that taste and feeling without adding dairy! Let's break it down.

How is the Natte creamy? Nitro 

What sets Natte apart is the experience. With a shake and a pour, watch as our nitrogen-infused brew cascades into your glass, creating a velvety smooth texture that's reminiscent of a latte. This is not the same as carbonated bubbles, nitro bubbles are super tiny and create this interesting frothy-foamy goodness that effortlessly gives the illusion of creamy dairy texture.

How is the Natte sweet? Vanilla and Cacao Powder

The coffee we selected for the base of this brew is a delicious treat of a single-origin coffee from the Chiapas region of Mexico. On its own this coffee lends cocoa flavors with mellow sugary sweetness. Which we double-downed and brewed alongside cacao powder and whole vanilla beans. The resulting flavor is a rich bold chocolate flavor with naturally occurring sweetness from the subtle vanilla. No artificial flavors, syrups, sugars or sweeteners. 

Ready to experience the magic for yourself? Preorders are now available, with deliveries set to begin at the end of next week. Don't miss your chance to kickstart your summer with a taste of Natte—your taste buds will thank you!

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