The BEST Nashville Espresso Martinis

The BEST Nashville Espresso Martinis

Sheri and Chelsea of Switters, have journeyed through the bustling streets of Nashville to sip and savor espresso martinis, each crafted using Switters Dark Roast flash-chilled coffee. In a city bursting with vibrant cocktail culture, espresso martinis are undeniably having their moment, and we were determined to uncover the secrets behind this caffeinated craze!

Our adventure began with chatting it up with local bartenders, who revealed that espresso martinis are a staple on many bar menus, despite often flying under the radar. We were so encouraged and honored that many of the bartenders and managers we spoke to shared that Switters Dark roast was a game changer for crafting this cocktail. We're proud to offer bars and restaurants with a bold flavored coffee that isn't bitter but sippable on its own. Making Switters Dark Roast a great base to build upon with no limits to the creativity bartenders can dream up. 

Party Fowl Espresso Martini

All Locations:
The Gulch | Donelson | BNA Airport | Cool Springs | Murfreesboro

At Party Fowl, we discovered a delightful concoction that struck the perfect balance between sweetness and bold coffee flavor. This version of the espresso martini offered a unique twist with cola-like undertones, providing a refreshing take that was smooth and sippable. 

Otto's Espresso Martini

4210 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209

Next stop: Otto's, Which is home to delightfully velvety espresso martini. The foam topping their espresso martini was so delicious, and the nutty, caramel-infused flavors. Otto's interpretation of the Espresso Martini offered a lighter mouthfeel, complemented by a subtle warmth from the vodka—seriously such a delight for the senses in taste and texture! In our opinion a very NASHVILLE approach to the classic cocktail.

Lucky Duck Lounge's Espresso Martini

The Lucky Duck Lounge
2512 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206

Luck Duck Lounge is home to the "The Espresso Galantini," a tantalizing blend of Mirat rum with hints of coconut, vanilla, and almond. This creamy, dessert-like indulgence was an absolute treat! This was the moment we fell in love with Mirat rum, the way it intensified the bold caramel flavors of the coffee cocktail was a treat to enjoy! 

Bay 6's Espresso Martini

Bay 6 - Located in The Wash
251101 McKennie Ave Suite 6, Nashville, TN 37206

At Bay 6, nostalgia took center stage with their interpretation of the espresso martini, featuring the beloved childhood favorite, Yoo-Hoo. When we saw the bartender bring out the familiar can we were laser focused with curiosity. An absolute must-try. Garnished with a sprinkle of nutmeg, this chocolatey concoction was like a blast from the past, all the feel-good memories of frosty milkshakes and carefree days only boozier for #adulting.

Love & Exile's Espresso Martini

Love and Exile Bar
715 Main St A, Nashville, TN 37206

Our last stop in this bar crawl was Love & Exile. We were so excited to walk in and see they have a frozen espresso martini. Curious about how this would taste compared to our other stops, we were impressed by their bold yet crushable,  slushy delight. Also using Mirat rum to elevate the coffee-forward experience, this adaptation had a morning coffee experience vibe. Only bolder, boozier, and simply irresistible.

After chatting through each interpretation of the Espresso Martini, Sheri and I concluded that Nashville is home to some seriously creative and diverse cocktails. We are proud to offer a delicious coffee base that inspires bartenders put their unique spin on this delightful beverage, showcasing the versatility and endless possibilities of Switters Dark Roast coffee as the star ingredient. So, whether you're a cocktail aficionado or a curious newcomer, be sure to embark on your own espresso martini adventure!

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