SOBRO NASHVILLE - Switters Iced Coffee Spots

SOBRO NASHVILLE - Switters Iced Coffee Spots

Where to find Switters Iced Coffee in SOBRO Nashville

Discover the Best Iced Coffee in SoBro, Nashville! If you’re exploring the vibrant streets of SoBro, there’s one thing you absolutely cannot miss – Switters Iced Coffee! Our locally-crafted iced coffee is available at several hotspots in the heart of this trendy neighborhood. Whether you're a local or just visiting for the weekend, finding your NEW favorite iced coffee has never been easier.

Why Choose Switters Iced Coffee?

We are just as obsessed with iced coffee as you are! We specialize in making ONLY iced coffees using a unique brewing method called flash chilled. We are meticulous about using the best specialty coffee, roasted & brewed right here in Nashville.

Our coffee is:

  • Locally Owned and Operated: We’re a small-batch coffee company that specializes in ready-to-drink flash brewed iced coffee. 
  • Vegan and Sugar-Free: No dairy, no added sugars, nothing weird just pure coffee goodness.


Where to Find Switters Iced Coffee in the SOBRO area of Nashville


  • Tennessee Brewworks
    • Address: 809 EWING AVE
    • Details: Enjoy a chilled can of Switters 8th & Roast, a local collaboration with Roastery + Coffee shop 8th & Roast.
  • The Southern
    • Address: 150 3RD AVE SOUTH
    • Details: Enjoy coffee cocktails crafted with our Middle Ground. Or grab a can of Dark Roast or 8th & Roast.
  • Blue Room
    • Address: 623 7 AVE S
    • Details: Sip on our delicious collab with 8th & Roast!
  • Farm House
    • Address: 210 ALMOND ST
    • Details:    Enjoy a fresh pour of Switters Middle Ground on tap!


Ready to experience the best iced coffee in SoBro? Head to one of our nearby locations and grab your Switters Iced Coffee today. Nashville has a booming coffee scene, and we love being part of the vibrant coffee culture in SoBro. By choosing Switters Iced Coffee at any of these local spots, you're supporting a local, woman-owned small business.

Plus, our 12oz cans pack a punch with 250mg of caffeine, ensuring you stay energized to explore all that Nashville has to offer! 


If you enjoy Switters Iced coffee at any one of these locations,
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