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12oz Middle Ground 6 pack

12oz Middle Ground 6 pack

Say hello to our beloved Middle Ground iced coffee – where flash brew perfection lies right in the sweet spot! It's like your personal coffee compass guiding you to a land of ultimate deliciousness.☕✨

Our Medium Ground coffee is the embodiment of harmony, this blend of coffee combines beans sourced from Brazil, Mexico, and Guatemala. It takes the best qualities from each region to create the perfect balance in each sip– a delicious blend of natural sweetness like maple syrup, the intrigue of tartness similar to a blackberry, and the cozy nutty warmth of toasted almonds. The Middle Ground is a medium-body iced coffee with a bright acidity to make it the crowd-pleaser, the go-to for everyone who seeks a little balance in their cup. ⚖️💫 

But let's talk about vibes – this coffee is your trusty sidekick, always ready to keep you steady amidst the whirlwind of life. Middle ground is a 10/10 on its own without anything added, and straight out of the can it's the sip that's just right for any occasion. So whether you're hustling through a workday or lounging with a good book ditch your boring cold brew and reach for Middle Ground. Enjoy a flavorful adventure that's both familiar and exciting, like reuniting with an old friend who always brings the fun.

So, if you're ready for a brew that feels like coming home, Middle Ground is your pal. Dive into the world of balance, flavor, and pure delight with each sip. Your taste buds are in for a treat – let the deliciousness begin! 🎉

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"...It's so much more refreshing than cold-brew and the taste and quality of the beans really shine through..."

- Google Reviewer -

Flash Chilled vs. Cold Brew


All of our coffees start with the highest quality beans and are ethically sourced. We care deeply about communities, farmers and all who process our coffee and we know you do too! So we only purchase coffee from the best sources. This includes the local roasters we have partnerships with. For example, all of our Bongo Java coffees are even fair trade certified.


Brewing coffee hot allows us to extract the most flavor from the beans. You know that really amazing pour over you gravitate toward at the coffee shop, that's how we start every batch before flash chilling.


Fast as lightning, we flash chill the freshly brewed coffee. This step is critical so that the coffee's flavor is preserved at the hight of it's extraction and the "cooking" process is stopped.


The difference is in the name. 

Cold Brew is: brewed cold. Beans are immersed into room temp or cold water and set aside for a period of time. Usually 24 hours. The resulting flavor is often one-note, chocolatey and an unpleasant bitter that is remedied by diluting with water, cream and sugar. If that's your jam, go for it!

Flash chilled coffee is: brewed hot and rapidly cooled. We are able to create a variety of flavor profiles in our iced coffees simply based on what takes place when the source of the coffee cherries, the processing, roasting and possible blending of the beans meets hot water. But you don't always want HOT coffee so flash chilling is our way of playing freeze tag to keep those flavors around. 


We continually audit our production and shipping materials to reduce our carbon footprint. We donate our spent coffee grinds to be used in community compost.

Every online purchace results in the rescue of 5 plastic bottles from Earth's oceans.

Please join us in our efforts and recycle your cans or pouches, all pieces and parts are recyclable.

Read more about our sustainability partnerships HERE