5 Things You Need To Know About Switters Decaf Iced Coffee.

5 Things You Need To Know About Switters Decaf Iced Coffee.

Allow me to introduce you to Switters Decaf Iced Coffee, perfect for those looking for a refreshing, caffeine-free option.


Our vision as a microbrewery is to create a growing variety of iced coffee. (just like beer breweries offer a variety of craft beers) At the time we had our main 3 roasts; Single Origin, Middle Ground, and Dark Roast, and we were making plans for rolling out seasonal flavors. We were floored with online requests for a decaf iced coffee, and so Decaf felt like a natural progression.  People wanted an iced Decaf product, to support local, have convenient and accessible packaging. In our research and sampling process, it didn’t take long to find a clear winner. Early in 2022 we began offering Decaf iced coffee in 50 ounce pouches, and one year later we released our Decaf iced coffee in 12 ounce cans

Local Nashville iced coffee microbrewery owner, Sheri, sips coffee to test for quality and flavor.


Repeat after me, Decaf can be as delicious as regular coffee. But why does decaf get such a bad rap? If you put bad coffee in, you’ll get bad coffee out. Here's a hot take: Decaf drinkers are the purest coffee connoisseurs. 

For reasons we won’t get into with this blog post, there are times when lower-quality coffee is used. But that isn’t how we do things, not only have we sourced high-quality beans, but the decaffeination process used is a new, innovative, more natural decaffeinating process comparatively, and growing in popularity for these reasons.

Our decaf coffee beans are ethically and sustainably sourced from Planadas Tolima, Colombia, grown at an altitude of 2,100masl. The caffeine is removed using the Ethyl acetate solvent, and processed with local Sugar Cane, ensuring a clean and delicious flavor.

Decaffeinated beans are often more delicate, even so, the talented folks at 8th & Roast in Nashville carefully roast the beans to a medium roast level, resulting in a smooth and balanced taste. As for flavor, you'll be delighted by the subtle notes of dried cherry, cola, and toasted almond with each sip.


There are so many folks who want to enjoy the delicious taste of iced coffee without the caffeine jitters. You can enjoy a fine glass of iced coffee while limiting your caffeine intake to avoid sleep disturbances. Whatever your health concerns may be, we wanted to offer an iced coffee that could be enjoyed without disrupting your body’s natural rhythms.

Iced coffee with cream


On its own, you’ll enjoy the high-quality, rich, and satisfying taste. If you get our Decaf in 12oz cans, enjoy the additional option of nitro iced coffee. To activate the nitrogen, give your can a shake, pop open, and pour it into your glassware intently.

As with all our iced coffees, our Decaf has zero sugar or sweeteners added, is dairy and dairy alternatives free, and has no additives. So if you enjoy iced coffee but prefer to avoid any additional ingredients we’ve got the brew for you friend!

Add what you like, no judgments here. Seriously, we pride ourselves in brewing a delicious iced coffee that only needs additional ingredients if YOU want them there, not to cover up a bitter boring brew.



Enjoy our decaf iced coffee year-round in convenient 50 ounce pouches or for a limited time in 6 packs of 12 ounce cans.

The only place to shop for this brew is our online store. We have 2 options for free shipping; Any Nashville address automatically qualifies, or a checkout cart over $50 for anyone outside Nashville.

Many of our Decaf iced coffee fans have joined Switters Coffee Club, a customizable, and adjustable subscription. Mix and match with other roasts, set up your preferred shipping frequency and enjoy fun surprises from our team included in your box.


Sip and savor the refreshing taste of our decaf iced coffee, guilt-free and with a clear mind. Let us know what you think! It would mean so much if you took less than 3 minutes of your time to leave us a google review!

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