THE NATIONS & SYLVAN PARK - Switters Iced Coffee Spots

THE NATIONS & SYLVAN PARK - Switters Iced Coffee Spots

Where to find Switters Iced Coffee in The Nations & Sylvan Park, Nashville

If you’re exploring the vibrant streets of The Nations and Sylvan Park neighborhoods, there’s one thing you absolutely cannot miss – Switters Iced Coffee! Nestled amidst the charm of these bustling neighborhoods, our locally-crafted iced coffee is available at several hotspots that epitomize the spirit of Nashville. Whether you’re a resident or just swinging by for the weekend, discovering your NEW favorite iced coffee has never been easier. Enjoy a perfect brew as you immerse yourself in the friendly, community-oriented atmosphere of Sylvan Park and the fast-growing, lively vibes of The Nations.

Why Choose Switters Iced Coffee?

We are just as obsessed with iced coffee as you are! We specialize in making ONLY iced coffees using a unique brewing method called flash chilled. We are meticulous about using the best specialty coffee, roasted & brewed right here in Nashville.

Our coffee is:

  • Locally Owned and Operated: We’re a small-batch coffee company that specializes in ready-to-drink flash brewed iced coffee. 
  • Vegan and Sugar-Free: No dairy, no added sugars, nothing weird just pure coffee goodness.


Where to Find Switters Iced Coffee in The Nations & Sylvan Park, Nashville


  • The Picnic Tap
    • Address: 900 ROSA PARKS BLVD
    • Details: Enjoy a chilled can of Switters Single Origin iced coffee. We rotate the origin of each coffee with every small batch we brew, so be sure to check the batch at the bottom of the can and scan the QR code on the side to read more about the tasting profile. 
  • Twilight Tavern
    • Address: 5303 Charlotte Avenue
    • Details: Enjoy a fresh pour of Switters Middle Ground or Dark Roast on tap!
  • Streetcar Taps & Garden
    • Address: 4916 Charlotte Avenue
    • Details: Try a delicious coffee cocktail! Streetcar uses our middle Ground and Dark roast iced coffees for delicious Coffee Cocktails.
  • Nations Bar & Grill
    • Address: 705 51ST AVE
    • Details: Grab a 12oz can of coffee! Middle Ground is crisp, delicious and balanced iced coffee. Look for our "LOCAL BUSINESS" tag!
  • Rock N Dough
    • Address: 1105 51ST AVE N
    • Details: Grab a 12oz can of coffee! Choose between our Middle Ground which is a crisp, delicious and balanced iced coffee or Dark Roast. 
  • Otto's
    • Address: 4210 CHARLOTTE AVE
    • Details: Enjoy a delicious Espresso Martini made with Switters Dark Roast iced coffee. Read more about our Espresso Martini Bar Crawl HERE, learn more about what makes Otto's espresso martini stand out among the crowd!
  • Red Bicycle
    • Address: 712 51ST AVE N
    • Details: Enjoy a crisp and refreshing draft of iced coffee on tap! Choose from a mild and balanced Middle Ground or a bolder more chocolatey Dark Roast!
  • 51st Deli
    • Address: 1314 51ST AVE N
      Details: Try our bolder more chocolatey Dark Roast iced coffee on draft! Or grab a 12 oz can of ready-to-drink iced coffee to go. Choose from our Single Origin, Middle Ground, 8th & Roast collab or Dark Roast. 



  • Turnip Truck
    • Address: 5001 CHARLOTTE AVE
    • Details: Turnip Truck has it all! Cans, pouches, both in a variety of brews! The perfect place to grab a pouch before planning a weekend party!
  • Billy's Corner
    • Address: 4400 MURPHY RD
    • Details: Grab 12oz cans of ready-to-drink iced coffee. Choose between our Middle Ground or 8th & Roast Collab.
  • Silo Market
    • Address: 5500 CENTENNIAL BLVD
    • Details: Grab 12oz cans of ready-to-drink iced coffee. Choose between our Middle Ground or 8th & Roast Collab.
  • Bae's Butters
    • Address: 908 51st Ave N
    • Details: Grab 12oz cans of ready-to-drink iced coffee. Choose between our any of our variety of flavors in stock, including our seasonal flavors when available. Treat yourself to a delicious duo of creamy Bae's Butters & crisp Switters Iced Coffee!



  • Climb Nashville- West
    • Address: 3600 CHARLOTTE PK
    • Details: Grab a 12oz can of ready-to-drink iced coffee! Climb Nashville carries a variety of our brews from Single Origin to Medium Roast and our collab with 8th & Roast.
  • 8th & Roast
    • Address: 4104 CHARLOTTE AVE
    • Details: If you love 8th & Roast, and their Sunflower Espresso Blend you've gotta try this local collab! Grab a 12oz can of ready-to-drink iced coffee to enjoy at anytime! 


Ready to experience the best iced coffee in Nashville? Head to one of these spots in The Nations or Sylvan Park and grab your Switters Iced Coffee today. These neighborhoods are brimming with a vibrant coffee scene, and we love being part of their unique culture. By choosing Switters Iced Coffee at any of these local hotspots, you're not only indulging in a top-notch brew but also supporting a local, woman-owned small business. Sip on greatness and feel good about every cup!

Plus, our 12oz cans pack a punch with 250mg of caffeine, ensuring you stay energized to explore all that Nashville has to offer! 


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