8th & Roast

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Coffee Profile & Tasting Notes


Sunflower Espresso Blend

50% Brazil Villa

25% Guatemala Buena Vista

25% Ethiopia Guji Organic Natural


Rich Chocolate, Cherry, Toasted Almond


8th & Roast



Flash Chilled vs Cold Brewed

The difference is in the name. 

Cold Brew is: brewed cold. Beans are immersed into room temp or cold water and set aside for a period of time. Usually 24 hours. The resulting flavor is often one-note, chocolatey and an unpleasant bitter that is remedied by diluting with water, cream and sugar. If that's your jam, go for it!

Flash chilled coffee is: brewed hot and rapidly cooled. We are able to create a variety of flavor profiles in our iced coffees simply based on what takes place when the source of the coffee cherries, the processing, roasting and possible blending of the beans meets hot water. But you don't always want HOT coffee so flash chilling is our way of playing freeze tag to keep those flavors around. 

About 8th & Roast

Since their establishment in 2009, 8th and Roast Coffee Company has been a pillar in the Nashville Coffee shop community. They source the freshest fair trade coffee possible.


8th Ave

2108 8th Ave S.,
Nashville, TN, 37204

Charlotte Ave

4104 Charlotte Ave.
Nashville, TN, 37209

BNA- Nashville Airport

Concourse D

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