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Switters Coffee

50oz Variety 2 pack

50oz Variety 2 pack

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Every order funds the recovery of 5 plastic bottles from the ocean. Learn more about our support of projects like PLASTIC BANK.

Our 50oz pouches of Iced Coffee are ready to dispense liquid gold at a moment's notice! Imagine the convenience of having your favorite brew on tap, available whenever the craving strikes or when guests pop by unexpectedly. Whether you're a devoted coffee connoisseur, love playing hostess with the mostess, or simply enjoy the convenience of having your go-to beverage readily available, our 50oz pouches of iced coffee are a game-changer. With Switters, your home transforms into a chic coffee bar, where every pour is a moment of indulgence. Truly the ultimate coffee experience, right in the comfort of your own home.

SINGLE ORIGIN- You can think of Single Origin like how you think about wine, cheese, and produce having distinct flavors due to their variety, region, and processing methods. Single Origin coffee is a unique and exciting adventure in every sip and brings the thrill of exploring complex flavors of coffee into your everyday. With so many wonderful farms to sample from we eagerly sample and curate small rotating batches through the year. Keep up with the origin of your brew by subscribing to our emails.

MIDDLE GROUND- Our Medium Ground coffee is the embodiment of harmony, this blend of coffee combines beans sourced from Brazil, Mexico, and Guatemala. It takes the best qualities from each region to create the perfect balance in each sip– a delicious blend of natural sweetness like maple syrup, the intrigue of tartness similar to a blackberry, and the cozy nutty warmth of toasted almonds. The Middle Ground is a medium-body iced coffee with a bright acidity to make it the crowd-pleaser, the go-to for everyone who seeks a little balance in their cup.

DARK ROAST- Meet our fearless Dark Roast that's here to redefine your coffee game! Each sip is like diving into a river of rich, velvety goodness, with chocolatey waves that sweep you off your feet. 

DECAF- This is Decaf like you've never experienced before – no caffeine, all the flavor. Say goodbye to compromising on taste just to keep the caffeine at bay. We've crafted this brew with the same passion and dedication that goes into all our other brews. Soon you'll be savoring the notes of dried cherry, a hint of cola, and the comforting nuttiness of almonds – it's like a cozy blanket for your taste buds.

Contains 2 pouches with 10 servings total. (5 10oz servings per pack)

  • zero-sugar
  • no dairy
  • no additives
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"... it's so much more refreshing than cold brew and the taste and quality of the beans really shine through..."


Flash Chill vs Cold Brew

Specialty Coffee

All of our coffees start with the highest quality beans and are ethically sourced. We care deeply about communities, farmers and all who process our coffee and we know you do too! So we only purchase coffee from the best sources. This includes the local roasters we have partnerships with. For example, all of our Bongo Java coffees are even fair trade certified.

Brewed Hot

Brewing coffee hot allows us to extract the most flavor from the beans. You know that really amazing pour over you gravitate toward at the coffee shop, that's how we start every batch before flash chilling.

Flash chilled

Fast as lightning, we flash chill the freshly brewed coffee. This step is critical so that the coffee's flavor is preserved at the hight of it's extraction and the "cooking" process is stopped.

Flash Chilled vs Cold Brew

The difference is in the name.

COLD BREW: is brewed cold. Beans are immersed into room temp or cold water and set aside for a period of time. Usually 24 hours. The resulting flavor is often one-note, chocolately and an unpleasant bitterness. Cold brews are often diluted with water, dairy or sugar to balance the flavors.

FLASH CHILL: is brewed hot and rapidly cooled. We are able to create a variety of flavor profiles in our iced coffees simply based on the naturally occuring flavors of the coffee. These flavors come from the coffee cherries, processing style, and roasting. But you don't always want HOT coffee so flash chilling is our way of playing freeze tag to keep those flavors around.


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