This Ethiopia Guji Single Origin is the JAM!

This Ethiopia Guji Single Origin is the JAM!

We're thrilled to introduce our latest Single Origin  Ethiopia Guji—a coffee that is something seriously special, and we couldn't wait to spill the beans! (pun intended) At Switters, we're all about discovering the world, one coffee bean at a time. Here's why our new Single Origin brew is something you won't want to miss.

Ethiopia Guji Single Origin Coffee

1. Flavor

At Switters, we're always on the hunt for unique and exciting flavor profiles. That's why our Single Origin coffees rotate with every batch. We research and collect coffee samples from far and wide. Back at our microbrewery in Nashville, we roast and meticulously cup each one to find the most thrilling and distinctive flavors to share with you.

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2. A Taste of Origin

Single Origin coffee is like a passport to a coffee-growing region. The flavor of the coffee reflects the geography, climate, elevation, soil quality, plant characteristics, and coffee processing method in a way that blends simply can't showcase. What you're sipping is the unique thumbprint of that coffee's origin. It's like taking a flavorful journey around the world, one cup at a time.

3. Date It, Scan It, Sip It

Curious about which batch your Single Origin brew belongs to? Easy peasy! Just check the date printed on the bottom of the can, and scan the QR code on the side of the label. It'll whisk you away to a landing page organized by canning date, where you can explore the correlating tasting notes. It's like having a Switters coffee diary at your fingertips!

Coffee cherries processed at Guji washing station

Photo from Cafe Imports

4. Ethiopia Guji: A JAM-PACKED Flavorful Adventure

Our Ethiopia Single Origin hails from the beautifully forested region of Guji. Coffee gardens here thrive at high altitudes, thanks to the rich red soil of the highlands. What sets this coffee apart are the flavors it develops: think fruits, caramel, and delicate florals.

Because of the remote location farmers don't use fertilizers or pesticides, making it a truly organic experience. The coffee cherries are delivered fresh and meticulously sorted for ripeness and quality before being cleaned. It's coffee that's as close to nature as it gets!

For those who appreciate a fruit-forward coffee with unexpected complexity, this Single Origin from Guji is a must try. With flavors of sweet jam, tart raspberry, subtle stone fruit, it's an irresistible journey for your taste buds. It's light, sweet, satisfying, and effortlessly enjoyable.

Single Origin Tasting Notes

Grab a 6-pack of Ethiopian Guji Single Origin and join us on this delightful coffee expedition. It won't last long so savor the flavor!

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